Teokarp Ltd. has created and patented a new method of construction - we can create rooms and buildings of any size using our modules with standard mark TEO.

The building, created of TEO modules, is a building like others. No compromises in building characteristics or quality are made. We can offer good value for less cost because of the high standardization and automatization of the building process.

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1 TEO = 3x3x6 m

Our buildings are designed by professional architects and built in prefab wooden house factory “Q-haus Baltic”, which has 15 years of experience of production to Scandinavian market. The TEO modules are lifted by crane on any type of foundation and the buildings are assembled on site during a day or two.

Compliance with the fire safety, energy efficiency and other requirements required for the construction of modern houses and public buildings is guaranteed. For both interior and exterior finishing, materials chosen by the customer can be used.

Dear architects, feel free to use your imagination - it is easy to build very beautiful houses using TEO modules. You are welcome to use additional elements.

We build top quality, very fast and with a very reasonable price. With standard solutions, our buildings cost about 1000.- EUR | m².

Feel free to contact us and ask for an offer.

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How it works?

Teo.house | Rannki Island

Installation of Teo.house in Finland, Rannki Island.

Teo.house - examples:

The numbers added to the title of a design refer to the number of square meters and building stages, the smaller ones first.

Teo.house 37 | 53 | 126 | 150 | 188

Teo.house | Ville

Teo.house 79 | 112 | 128 | 171

Teo.house | House with Outer Chimney

Teo.house 87 | 96 | 142 | 188

Teo.house | Hotel

Teo.house | Pyramid

Teo.house 62 | 79 | 120 | 151

Teo.house | Dormitory

Teo.house | House by the Valley

Teo.house | Showroom

Teo.house | Apartment Building

Teo.house | Summer Cottages

Teo.house | Church

Teo.house | Windmill

Teo.house | House by the River

Teo.house | Aurora's Observatory

We hope you have questions:

Teo's are produced in the Factory of Prefabricated Wooden Houses

Erik Sakkov

Erik Sakkov

Erik is an experienced marketing specialist, and a top manager, who has worked for Port of  Tallinn, Tallinn Airport and airline Nordica.

Ürjo Pähno

Ürjo Pähno

Ürjo is an experienced designer and a constructor, who has managed construction projects in Estonia, Germany, France and Italy.

Ürjo Pähno

Teokarp OÜ

The concept of prefabricated Teo-house is the intellectual property of Erik Sakkov and Ürjo Pähno. We have applied for a corresponding patent.

erik [at] teokarp.ee

urjo [at] teokarp.ee

info [at] teokarp.ee

Write us and give a short description of your wish.

Download #teo_layouts, play and send us photos. You can add a draft of your dream home, just jotted on a piece of paper.

Write us info [at] teokarp.ee