Frequently asked questions

  • What are the TEO’s made of?

Wood. The frames are made of glulam timber and for facades we mostly use wooden cladding. Interior decoration materials are usually wooden cladding and plywood, but using plasterboard is possible, too. Floor coverings are floorboards, parquet, carpet or any other floor covering based on customer’s choice. For bathrooms we use tiles according to customer’s choice.

  • But if I want a stone facade, for example?

All CE-certified light facade decoration materials can be installed.

  • Is TEO a warm house?

Yes. The windows are triple-glazed, and with the insulation of walls, floors and ceilings, we use the best insulation materials. Please check the energy calculations in the section “The process”. If you install the recommended heating system, ventilation and electricity production systems (such as solar panels), the design of the TEO-house is applicable for energy label “A”.

  • How high are the rooms?


  • The disadvantage of the wooden houses is step noise.

The usual reason for this issue is, that the floors and ceilings are fixed to the same beams (floor up, ceiling down). As all TEO’s are separate units, their ceilings and floors do not interact with each other. In addition, all ceilings, floors and walls have a proper layer of thermal insulation, which also works as an noise insulator.

  • What is included in the price?

TEO-house is a “turnkey” solution. This is the price of the finished house. The price does not include the cost of the transport of the modules to your plot and installation of the house, because we do not know the final destination. There is no cost of the foundation or basement in the price and also no cost of communications (water-supply, sewerage, electricity), because the price of these things also depend on the situation on a specific plot. We also do not know your preference for the heating- and vent system.

  • Is there a roof “in the price”? If so, what kind of materials are you using?

Our houses usually have a flat (minimal angle) bitumen roof and a rainwater system. In case you need us to install a traditional sloped roof, it can be done on site due to transportation limits.

  • Is there any guarantee for this building?

Yes, 2 years.

  • Who deals with city / municipality paperwork?

Usually this is the duty of the property owner.

  • I have a question: do the banks accept this product and can I apply for a loan. As a rule, the banks also demand a permit for use.

TEO-house is a building like all buildings are. So, banks will see this property as any other property – a plot, a project, an official offer from TEO-house, a building permit and finally a house on a plot.

  • Is it possible to install a geothermal heating system to my TEO-house?

Yes, all heating systems can be installed to the TEO-house. These works are performed on site by a local provider, chosen by you. In this case the house will be built “ready for geothermal heating technology” (floors not covered/finished).

  • Do I have to make a foundation for my house myself? What foundation does this house need?

Just find a decent local builder. You will need help for digging for the connections anyway. The drawings and plans for the foundation are an important part of the project and the foundation should be built exactly according to the project.

  • I heard that even schools and kindergartens can be made of these boxes. What is the maximum number of floors?

We have been so far designing just two-three floor houses and apartment buildings. Schools and kindergartens can be built of TEO’s and after using for several years being relocated to another place – where is the need for a (temporary) building. We can build houses, summer cottages, motels, hotels, offices, cafes, restaurants and stores, whatever.

  • You say that this house can be moved to another place. How is this done?

The house will be taken apart and transported by modules to a new place, installed again and then repaired and refreshed.

  • One TEO is 18 m², so I do not have to apply for a building permit?

In Estonia: yes, the limit is 20 m². In Sweden the limit is 30 m² for example.

  • How long will it take to build my home?

It depends on the size of the house. Up to three-four months. TEO-house technology enables very fast operations and it is possible to build throughout the year. on Facebook

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