About us

Teokarp Ltd was founded in 2016.

The idea is to create a standardized construction module in order to design and build high quality houses that meet all requirements and standards, to build quickly and for a reasonable price.

To be sustainable in our operations and to reduce the company’s CO2 footprint, we use wood as the main building material.

The technological solutions of the TEO module have been developed by Estonian engineers in cooperation with Tartu University.

The construction method is protected by a patent.

We buy construction materials and subcontract work from 30 companies.

30 production workers + 6 engineers and architects work for the company.

The founder and CEO of the company is Erik Sakkov:

Tallinn University 1995
Estonian Business School, Executive MBA 2003
Oxford University, Bunker Course 2007
Cranfield University, Airport Business Management 2010
Baltic Institute of Corporate Governance, Board Member Education 2020

Port of Tallinn, CMO 1999 – 2005
NT Marine, CEO 2005 – 2008
Tallinn Airport, CCO, member of the management board 2009 – 2015
Nordic Aviation Group (Nordica), founder, CCO, member of the management board 2015 – 2016
Teokarp, founder and CEO 2016 – …

Honorary Consul of Belgium www.belgianconsulate.ee
Cancer Treatment Foundation “The Gift of Life”, chairman of the supervisory board 2016 – … www.kingitudelu.ee/en
Member of Estonian Author’s Society
Founder and member of the rock-band “Pantokraator” 1981 – … www.pantokraator.com

+372 50 21638